Resource Guarding

Resource Guarding stems from insecurity or possessiveness. Resource guarding can be over anything: a bone, a toy, a piece of paper, even a person. While some level of possessiveness is acceptable (playing keep away from other dogs when they have a ball in their mouth, or playing tug with their owner with a toy for example), being able to remove an unacceptable object from your dog’s mouth is a necessary.  And while it seems flattering that your dog wants to guard you, it actually builds their insecurity because they don’t believe you can protect them or that you are less than them. This becomes an issue when you need your dog to listen to you and they refuse to. There are a variety of ways to teach your dog to willingly give up or move away from an object.  Give me a call to better understand the whats and whys of your dog’s behavior and how I can help.