Why Dog Train?

That’s an easy question to answer! You brought a dog into your life to have a companion. Dog training gets your companion to stop being a jerk when people come over, or scaring others on your daily walk, or any of the other things that make life for the most part enjoyable except for those few areas that you grit your teeth and mentally prepare yourself for the apologies your going to make or the embarrassment, stress and anxiety your going to feel. And, while it’s easy to understand our feelings on these issues, it’s not so easy to understand why our dogs are doing what they are doing and find a solution that works without micromanaging all the time. That’s where we need to get in between their ears.


Training is actually creating a bridge of communication, a vocabulary beyond the usual sit, down, stay, etc. It’s getting your dog to THINK proactively instead of reactively. To make a decision on his own that benefits both of you. Dogs are not generally trying to be jerks. They, like most animals (including us) are doing what feels right to them, even the things that seem dangerous or counter productive. Teaching from a dog’s perspective is not natural for many owners. Training allows you, the owner, to get a dog’s eye view, as well as teaching your dog to see things from your side. That experience strengthens the bond because as you both grow together, there is mutual understanding; a 2 way street of communication.


As with anything that is worthwhile, there is work involved. My goal is to have you and your dog be able to face the everyday occurrences that are so natural to us, but maybe not so natural for our dogs. Having your dog as your partner and progressing forward makes the journey worth that much more. So why dog training? Simply put, it’s to teach your friend HOW to be your friend from both ends of the leash….


Please let me know if you have any questions by calling or emailing!


Thank you,

Denise Willis

Cell: 443.429.0445

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